Before we are born we are imprinted with our genetic code.  
Deep within our DNA is a secret which can instantly resolve the confusion, pain, frustration and disappointment from getting involved with the wrong people or pursuits by putting you back in touch with aspects of yourself you always knew were there , but may have hidden in order to ‘fit in’ or avoid being hurt.

Knowing yourself is the start.

Life’s struggles are pretty much the same for each of us. Everyone is involved with other human beings. Happiness is not measured by the absence of problems. Unhappiness is the result of our own choices, not the actions of others. Lots of everyday acts can be harmful to our own happiness and effective living. Often we do things we know are going to hurt.

Feelings are not just emotions that happen to you. Feelings are reactions that you choose to have. If you are in charge of your emotions, then you do not need to choose self-defeating reactions. You have the power to think whatever you choose to allow into your head.

Each person is a human being and an individual. What manner of person you are is important. How we react to and interact with others can have an effect on how we feel as a whole individual.

Energy is NOT personal. It has no feelings: it does not judge, blame, fear, hate, criticise or love. Do not doubt the power of who you are and the energy field you create around you. You have energetic control over yourself if not others. Stress, tiredness, anxiety, pressure, anger – all can make us vulnerable. . If you are calm and centred, and maintain a calm awareness, this can affect how others treat you and also stop unwanted influences from affecting you.

There is only one love and that is the Self, but it is hard to love yourself if you do not know what that is. Then it is easy to love someone else, but this is just electro-magnetic energy! It often feels good loving someone else because you do not love yourself. You need to respect and value the authority source – you.

Taking someone else into your life is about making the right decision – you take on all of another’s chemistry in a relationship. Relationships are complex things – a quantum field. Who you are with is often decided by the mind guided by the genes. After a while what was first attractive becomes distasteful, tiresome, repetitive, tedious and boring. The not-self can not know the truth. Genetically, we are under enormous pressure to bond. The difficulty for adults is to know where to go in existing relationships. They need to enter into NEW ones correctly.

One of the most difficult things is to live together. Many couples want to re-design the other in their image of perfection. How we connect to each other is a limitation but all limitations can be transcended. It does not have to be totally perfect if you see the benefits of being connected with others. All bonds can be valuable if correct.

Life being good does not mean you can not be moody or sad. Relationships can be seen as what they are and you have to deal with compromises.

When you want to alter someone else, you become their enemy. ‘If only they could be…..’.  You have to deal with this as yourself – the not- self is tormented by things that do not really matter. A real relationship is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Even when you are correct there is no way to avoid any of that – that’s life! Compromises say : do not ruin this! It’s not worth the trouble – learn not to attach personally to this zone – it can result in what your Human Design type shows – anger, disappointment, bitterness, frustration.

Relationships are not about proving one is wrong and the other is right.

Any relationship , no matter what the dilemmas, can function with grace as long as behaviour is correct. Surrendered acceptance is the deepest & most complete way to enter a relationship, then the mechanics will operate smoothly. This is not personal, just what you have to work with.

Personal clarity is the most important thing in this life. Every body wants your energy. Be yourself – be clear with your own design. That is all your job is here.

Being spiritual is not about changing anybody. Accept what someone else is -every one has something you like or dislike, so what is in them that you can accept, you can have in your life without any difficulty, you don’t have to resist or change what you don’t like.  Learn to live with polarity rather than try to change it. If two people agree on everything , one of them is unnecessary.

Nothing is perfect. Life is messy. Relationships are complex. Outcomes are uncertain. People are irrational. Hugh Mackay

You are what you are, so respect others and accept what is, with no morality, judgement or question, no blame, fault or guilt:  everything is wonderful if you change! Everyone should be treated the same way and allowed to be who they are. Be with each other honestly – give each other space. Don’t meddle with what is – it is meant to be.

Article by Ros Taylor

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