I recently attended a well-being festival as a featured speaker. At that event I got talking to Chris Lovett author of “Discovery of Less.” In his book he tells his story of how he sold everything he owned and the release it gave him. At first sight his idea seemed a rather drastic manoeuvre to clear his life and be free. Looking closer and after considering how many spiritual teachers talk about release, letting go, de cluttering the home and how people can find it so difficult to do, I felt there were deeper spiritual lessons to be found from clearing our lives of things that no longer serve us.

I feel this era we are in, is one of disclosure, awakening and understanding about the depth of who we are. I read recently that the Native American Hopi tribe have no words in their language for anything in the past or future, everything is in the present tense. Believed to be an ancient tribe, they know the importance of NOW. Each moment unique and valuable, like no other moment and their language reflects this.

So there are two principles here that we need to pay attention to in order to be happier and more fulfilled. Firstly we need less stuff which also has long term benefits for our environment and in turn our own health, for we are part of nature, not above it. Secondly we need to pay attention in the now moment to what we love, be that special objects in the home which we treasure, the activities we take part in and most importantly to the people in our lives.

I believe that many of us have come through these recent challenges, none of which I take lightly, finding out about what is important in our lives and living one moment at a time. However there is an eagerness to get back to normal, a phrase I dislike intensely….why? Well it’s because we have learned so much in this time, we have learned we are not invincible though we are resilient, we have learned we cannot continue in the same way we were in life and we have come to value that which we took for granted. Or at least I hope we have begun to see these elements in life because tied up in all the challenge is the gift of change.

We have even consciously or sub-consciously found out what we like and dislike about ourselves, our work, and our relationships and maybe even had a review, a clearance of much which wasn’t working for us.  I have seen in my work that we do cling to our comfort zones, we hold on to belief systems which are no longer good for us and generate energy within our lives which simply does not serve us and is not beneficial to anybody’s well-being.

So now we have other challenges in the way we incorporate into our lives what we have learned from our recent experiences. We have to be willing to set aside old ideas and look at our individual world anew, to learn from the past, to change what doesn’t feel right. After all same input equals same output.

Change, evolution, and clearance of the old are inevitable. Clearance of what is not for our highest good will happen, whether it is through our choice or not but clearing out the old runs deeper than just our homes, our environment, our attitudes it looks to our root belief systems too. It looks to our energy, our whole being. Old stagnant energy can cause illness and hold us at a distance from our dreams, our desires and our purpose in life.

deep clean

Maybe we could learn from the past once more …when technology first appeared, many old ways of doing things were lost and a revolution took place albeit slowly at first then much faster. We ridiculed some of the changes, we hated that people lost their jobs and had to learn new things, we preferred our comfortable old ways of how we did things. We have become more adaptable as years have gone on, technology has made us. Who would have thought 50 years ago we would all be carrying pocket computers and spending all day working with them?

Looking even further back, to ancient times and finding out who we were and understanding our spiritual roots has always been a fascination for me.  Engaging with ideas from ancient civilisations lead me to realise we clear out old patterns of beliefs all the time, when new ones come along. Times of growth and evolution have always taken place. It is one of those times now; it is a time to answer the call to awaken to the fact there really is more to life than at first seen on the surface and that the ancient peoples, our ancestors, knew what was valuable and just what we were capable of and they knew of the power we have within us but now often overlook.

The ancient monuments of this earth are revealing their secrets through new technological advancements. We were a developed civilisation, we understood the importance of humanity as a part of the whole cosmos and we built our temples to specific mathematical proportions which cannot be explained if we were mankind with a set of simple tools.

What is lost can be found…if it was lost at all…hidden maybe …hidden within the ancient writings, monuments, languages of the world until a time when we would yearn once more for a simpler life…when we would decide to move into who we are and beyond, by standing still in the moment, clearing out what distracts us and holds us back and once again raise our vibration to live a life of well-being and fulfilment.

De-cluttering our immediate environment allows new energy to flow in. It is a step into a world where we subconsciously acknowledge that less is more. A world where we can attune our energies just as the ancients did long ago, not in temples built to mathematical accuracy beyond belief but instead within a living temple, our own bodies, in a simpler environment to enable us to be who we truly are. To raise our vibration and understand this is the way to health and fulfilment.

This time, this era demands a deeper clearance which offers below the old energy we each hold onto, a realisation of an ancient connection, it reveals inner truths, who we were and who we are meant to be. It calls, begs, even demands for us to realise we are spiritual beings, connected to a greater world. That idea may scare us in its enormity and that is why we crave for everything to go back to normal but things will change and we can help within that change. Understanding our past, our ancient past, and our spiritual roots means we too can appreciate the ideals of the Hopi tribe enjoying the majesty of the moment, the now in fulfilment, not just happiness but fulfilment.

Clearing out your home, starting afresh is a great place to start but unless you clear your old belief systems, refresh your energy and release your ultimate vibration then the job is only part done.

Chris Lovett came to realise “things” were holding him back, they were a drain on his energy; he has released “stuff” and become lighter for it….and that is our aim… to become the light beings we are.

Patricia McDowall

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deep clean

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