Social media, television, our families and relationships are often the main voices in life. Every day is filled with noise and many of us wish for a quieter time. We cannot hear ourselves think, and the rush of life rarely leaves us space to stop and breathe. It seems that everything but us takes precedence. Our inner selves become lost in the whirlwind of each day, causing us to feel out of balance and sometimes ill. A positive note of the recent pandemic is that many of us have had to slow down, and the benefits of this will ripple out for a very long time.


Ask yourself a question, related to any area of your life, and see how your body reacts. Pay attention to any physical sensations, words, or pictures that come into your mind. These are messages that your inner self wishes you to know; you can then act accordingly. It’s interesting how we sometimes need lots of opinions from people to validate our thoughts before we take the plunge. Trust that you can lead yourself. Intuition is enough. The fulfilment will come when you allow yourself to hear the truth of what it is you really need.


‘We were given two ears and one mouth to listen twice as much as we speak.’

Native American Proverb


Honour your inner voice. That is your own divine light. Switch it on.

In my late teens, I began very quickly to align my inner feelings with my life events. So, if I felt dodgy about a certain idea, I wouldn’t do it, and if I felt clear, I’d go ahead. Looking inwards became my saviour. I didn’t always want to listen to everything I was feeling, but it was either listen to it, or ignore it and things get worse. All this inner movement was The Divine speaking to me; the true source that I should listen to, and I became so trusting of that voice. Some people then said I was too hot-headed and stubborn, but we should be able to have a strong sense of self without criticism. If you know what you want, stick with it.


Self-love is the greatest love and the key to understanding all the others. Though this mindset doesn’t always happen and flourish within us overnight, you’ve stepped onto an incredible road in realising that you come first, and it is not selfish. If we’re not right as individuals, we cannot help others, and where would we all be if that were the case?

inner voice


We don’t need material possessions to acquire this state of mind; we simply need to be with ourselves regularly, for a few minutes each day, and find our personal voice within.


The media shows us what’s apparently acceptable, with regards to fashion, and everything else to supposedly improve our lives. We can sometimes feel alienated if we don’t follow those suggestions. Unless you have a strong sense of individuality, it’s likely that you’ll conform to peer pressure and get pulled along with the flock, but then we’ll very quickly lose our innocence and deep authenticity.


People too easily buy into all the hype over the latest cool thing. We don’t need half of those things, and it’s funny how an object with a specific label is hugely fussed over. It’s not healthy to have masses of people looking the same and owning the same things. Have the courage to step out your door being proud of your individuality, and wear something that the majority of society will say no to. This shows great uniqueness and keeps us real, otherwise the world isn’t fresh, and we’ll all lose our strong voices with the fear of being laughed at. Our spirits will be crushed, and mankind will be severely dumbed-down. It would be like seeing one firework in the sky for the rest of our lives. Variety is crucial.


Listening within is the key to raising your energy and allowing your soul to soar. Living integral to your inner voice brings a great freedom because you’re not relying on external things or people to give you your inner peace. If you raise your mindset and hold true to that, more truthful and joyful situations and people will come to you, and, more importantly, they will be right for you. We mustn’t have a false existence.


Wouldn’t it be wonderful to leap out of bed full of joy knowing that you brought that joy to yourself? Seek The Divine and keep working at that relationship. It’s available for free twenty-four hours a day, and the more we tune in, the greater our peace. We can smile knowing that we are fully responsible for ourselves. Everything else in our lives is then a beautiful bonus to our already joyful state of being. Don’t give up and celebrate your beauty. Honour your inner voice.


Caroline Leighton

You can find more from Caroline at www.encorepublications.com. Caroline is also currently working alongside Pam Rhodes ar Premier Christian Radio.

inner voice




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