In the midst of turmoil, confusion, pain and suffering there comes a moment when the soul cries out for help.  A moment when we realise that we need to face ourselves, we need to face the Truth that is the reality around us.

We may live life very much through our emotions, our minds, our physical bodies but there comes a moment when the outer self is totally helpless to understand or deal with the difficult circumstance which faces us.   It is at this very instant that we naturally go deep within ourselves and cry out.   I say naturally because it is in the very nature of our being that we are spirit first, and we are here on earth to develop and unfold our soul qualities through the instrument of the physical body.


Most of us will have known times like these, when we literally cry out for help; when we seek the comfort of the all-embracing arms to hold and sustain us.   It is then we realise that the comfort that we need is deep within ourselves.  We learn that we need to rise above the human emotions and the anxious daily mind to hear that still Voice of the Christ Consciousness, the Master within.   There is the story in the Bible when Jesus and his disciples were in a boat surrounded by a great storm.  His disciples were afraid, but Jesus stood up and stilled the storm.  The disciples were overcome with their emotions and fear, but Jesus showed that the Master Christ within Jesus can rise and command the storm to be stilled.

The Master Jesus has always been my Comforter, ever since I was a child; I felt then that Jesus was special, and he has always been there for me.   The very name JESUS is similar to the French Je Suis, and to the Spanish, Yo Soy, also Joshua, meaning I AM.   When in need of help, ask the ‘I AM’ within yourself to come forth and comfort you.    It is this recognition and acknowledgment of the spirit within us that will help us to face difficulties.   This is about facing our truth and in so doing we can heal ourselves – we can still the storm within, calm our emotions, still our mind.   It is this Light within that will bring healing to all the shadows.  And yet we need to embrace those shadows for they are part of us.  It is by embracing those shadows that we recognise the wholeness within ourselves.   Our shadows are the evidence of our struggles and endeavours in a human body and the only way to minimise these shadows is to bring the Light into them.

It is only fear that stops us from seeing the Light within.  When we can face ourselves, when we can acknowledge and accept who we are and why we have to face challenges, it is in this moment that we look at ourselves and see that we are much more than body, emotions and mind.  We realise that we have the strength and courage to keep on keeping on.

The Light is our Comforter and our Saviour.  The Light is the Great Healer and the Light is within each one of us.   Our bodies are the lantern so let us light the lamp and may our Light shine forth brightly to heal all life.

Astra Ferro

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