“What on earth are you talking about?” I promise you I’m not delving into anything too ‘off the wall’. Energetic projection is something that rears its head more often than you might at realise, particularly when you start down the path of spiritual or self work. The more awareness you have of this the quicker it can be spotted.

On an energetic level (that’s what I work with), this is where people can and do project their feelings, hurt, pain etc onto other people or situations. Essentially it gives them a focal point to unleash everything that is ‘coming up’ or causing them pain.

Now, in some fields this might be called deflection or avoidance or even bypassing but I tend to see it a little differently. After all, we ALL do it at some stage in our lives. So, we can look at this from a space of observation rather than a place of judgement.

When energies are challenging, difficult or hard they can stir up all sorts of ‘shadow aspects’ for people. And by shadow aspects I mean the parts of ourselves that we really might not like all that much and might even have attempted to bury in the past.

An example – let’s use an old one of mine shall we? Rather than putting anyone on the spot.
Energetic Projection
Many years ago, I worked for a large family company who, over time, employed many different staff training strategies, one in particular being ‘team building’. I loathed these with a passion believing it to be a waste of people’s time – nothing ever changed. It was all management b&@*lcks. All my negative feelings, emotions and actions would be focused on HR wasting my time.

In truth, I was actually projecting my frustration at my lack of voice – of my not speaking my truth; that it was all about control and streamlining staff; of not seeing or valuing every individual talent and gift. All my negative experiences; feelings, resentment and negative thoughts at being in a job (of my own choice), were crushing my spirit, soul and health.

So, rather than looking at what was actually triggering me and taking action to get leave such an unhappy place, I stuck a virtual sticking plaster over it by blaming the situation I was in.

I also now understand that I was silencing myself to fit in, trying to meet the socially accepted ‘norm’; of having a safe, good paying job for life. That act of self-censorship was my ‘shadow aspects’ fully in control. “Don’t speak up you’ll get in trouble. That’s what happened before”.

This of course has now been worked on, transmuted and released. I am fully in control of my voice, to the point I’m sure, where many people are wishing it was the opposite (wry grin!). But this was when I started to see these aspects of myself that are slightly less palatable than the light, bright, shiny aspects. Only then could I begin the process of bringing my energy system into balance.

You cannot have light without shadow.

Balance is important and part of who we all are. Too often, in the ‘spiritual world’, we are told to only concentrate on the ‘Light’, which might sound right in principle. In truth, ignoring the shadow allows it to build in the background, building reinforcements that for sure will catch you unawares in the future, making it more complicated to work through and deal with when it surfaces.

Don’t misunderstand me. You can seek help from energy practitioners who will support you through the stages and shifts but if you had looked at it before it became quite so urgent, would it have been a different story? Only you can answer that question. From personal experience, I deal with what comes up, when it comes up, rather than ignore it. Well, it’s just that bit faster to work that way.

Don’t fear the shadow. It’s only a side of yourself you haven’t fully understood yet. Give it space and time to become acquainted and you may find it dissolves by itself or morphs into something new that fits with who you are.

Dealing with someone who uses you as their focus of projection

Working with ‘dragon energy’ for the past six years or so, I have found that people, for various reasons, will attempt to ‘attach’ to me or send their stuff to me energetically, to deal with on their behalf. Many times, it’s done out of frustration, anger, fear and in a few cases, jealousy.
At first, this would upset me and cause me to me question what I was doing.

Not now. Now I can see it is because their ‘shadow aspects’ have not been looked at or are being ignored; that they see me as someone who can fix their problems, so they don’t have to. Sorry folks, that’s not how it works – it all gets handed straight back to you by my ‘team’. You have to do the deep self-work yourself and only then can you start to shift your own energy. I am still working on mine, I’m not taking on anyone else’s, that can make me ill and then I can support no-one which is not my role this time round.

The team’s message

Take responsibility for your energy; your feelings; your actions and reactions and start to see a shift happening, within and without. It only takes one deep breath to look that first shadow aspect in the face. So be brave and take that breath. We have faith in you.

Cheryl McGregor
Cheryl McGregor
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