As we walk along the journey of the soul, we encounter paradigms of life after death.   Over the ages people have struggled to understand or simply get a balance between the spiritual life and the human, materialistic reality that confronts us in our daily lives.

From the reality of the mystical and the human life, from the known to the unknown. These concepts are around us and the days are gone when we could just retreat into woods or forests, or even monasteries and convents however much we may want to escape from the materialistic world.  But this materialistic world serves a deep purpose in grounding us to a realism which, depending on our circumstances, can either be comfortable or dire to the extreme.  This is the life that the soul has chosen to incarnate into so that we can continue to learn our soul lessons and unfold and develop the innate divinity, the spirit that is within each one of us.

Since the moment of birth, we are encased in matter, in a human body and aware only of the environment and circumstances we grow up in.   We have lost our connection to our spiritual reality, the real world, the world of Spirit.   Our connection to the spiritual world very much depends on our upbringing.   However, sooner or later there will come a moment when the soul needs to know more.   It will no longer be satisfied with ambling along.  It wants to get hold of its destiny, face it, and see where it is going, see what it has achieved, and what other lessons are needed.   Then the soul, of its own volition, will become the captain of its ship, it will guide its own destiny.   It will face the turbulent seas and storms and steer it through to calmer waters.

Probably the most difficult thing for humans to appreciate is that we are both divine and human.   We have been indoctrinated for so many aeons of years to believe that we are born in sin and therefore not worthy to think anything of such exalting understanding or even aspiration.   The world of spirit is within, that is our connection and it is this knowledge which gives us the grounding.   We are at the stage of spiritual development in humanity when we need to grasp that we can only realise our divinity, understanding our spirituality, by bringing this down into matter, into the physical.

The spirit, the very essence of our being, life itself, remains dormant but watchful.  It allows the soul to gain experience of life but primarily the spirit acts as an impulse in the soul’s journey leading it to eventual recognition of its true spiritual nature.

The realisation of the connection between spirit, soul and body is our ultimate goal.  When this happens, and it will for each one of us, then we will know that there is truly more to life.  The map of the soul’s plan is all part of the Divine Plan.   We have the blueprint; we just need to experience it.

……and so the journey continues……

Article by Astra Ferro

Author and More to Life Elder

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