We seem to be living through a time of great awakening as the psychospiritual boundaries that have limited us until recently have been expanding at a rapid rate taking us beyond a conventional three-dimensional view of the world. This view had sustained a sense of separation from all other forms of life and engendered such a materially focused grandiosity in ourselves that we are beginning to perceive the cliff edge towards which our cleverness has been heading. This awakening process is expanding the context of our lives into the larger fields of our individual and collective consciousness.

For example, in biological evolution, there will always be a few who press ahead of the majority. It seems that whenever a human being moves ahead of the rest they are usually ignored, and at worst have, in the past, met the indescribable fate of heretics. But today’s heresy is often tomorrow’s normal and at the present time this shift is underway as an ever-expanding awareness leads us towards ever faster rates of general acceptance.


Today, as science and spirituality are beginning to converge to bring about a shift in our collective world view, we begin to perceive the deep interconnectedness of all life and the love and compassion that is the connective ‘glue’. A series of steps forward are surfacing and becoming more acceptable than they once were. It is relatively recently that near-death experiences have become a topic of research which has enabled an increasing number of people to feel sufficiently confident to speak about them. This has then led many of us to be able to learn from their shared experience. The growing number of those who have been through a near death experience (NDE) and feel able to speak about their wonderful time of being so loved in another realm has begun to assist many people to lessen their fear of their own departure as well as the loss of their loved ones. This is especially relevant during this global pandemic.

A further possibility that is currently emerging is now being called ‘after-death communication.’ (ADC) There was one book Testimony of Light, published in 1960, which reported some remarkable conversations between two friends after one of them had passed over. Today it is slowly becoming an acceptable possibility that not only is there a continuity of consciousness after death, but that for some people it is possible to communicate with loved ones who are now continuing in a higher frequency realm. The recently published book Awakening to a New Reality: Conscious Conversations across the Horizon of Death, may help to bring this topic closer to the surface of our expanding awareness. It seems that many more people have experienced communication with loved ones who have passed on but have not dared to speak about these experiences. Hopefully this book will provide the permission we all need.

Starting only three hours after Ursula had passed, the conversations between Janice Dolley and Ursula Burton indicates a continuing friendship and exchange between dimensions of being that raise our awareness beyond the mundane and more everyday issues that take much of our attention. Reading these conversations may enable many more to either find personal comfort from their loss or even speak of their own sense of communication across this horizon which is becoming a little more porous every day. It also opens up possibilities of receiving new ideas, or even guidance, from other levels of being.

In this book, Janice Dolley connects to the new reality that many are experiencing today as the spiritual aspect of our being surfaces to make itself known. This is the dimension Ursula has awakened to. This is emerging not only within our own inner lives but also in how we relate to other people and other life forms. The scientist and cosmologist Dr. Jude Currivan states in her seminal book The Cosmic Hologram, ‘Consciousness is not something that we have it is what we and the whole world are.’

It seems that as our levels of awareness expand, an awakening to a new reality is opening across our world. Currently this is being termed a ‘great planetary awakening’. We are beginning to realise that, as Alexander Pope said in poetic form over three centuries ago, ‘All are but parts of one stupendous whole Whose body Nature is, and God the soul.’


Today, we are beginning to see ourselves as planetary citizens on an Earth of beauty and abundance in a vast cosmos of which we are an integral part. As we begin to understand the ‘whole world view’, that we are not only deeply inter-connected with each other but also with all life forms in nature and beyond, new possibilities begin to present themselves to us. Already, as many more are awakening to this new reality, the planetary level links are being greatly enabled by new technologies. This allows us to discover that at the heart of this awakening is a universal consciousness. This awareness recognises that love is the essence of who we are and all we might become. With this recognition comes a growing compassion indicating our collective potential for laying the foundations for a new era of peace and limitlessness. This is possible if we have the vision and courage to hold the future in our collective hands.

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