Life is busy and finding time to relax and unwind is usually one of the last things on our list of priorities. However, finding ways to fit relaxation and mindfulness into our busy schedules is paramount to overall health. Allowing ourselves to practice self-care or even doing something we enjoy can help bring balance to our lives and even improve our performances in other areas that we’re working on…

This isn’t news. It’s something we’re all aware of and yet still, we neglect to make that time for ourselves. Why? One of the main reasons we find it so hard to prioritise time to relax is that we don’t value it. Advice is generic, ‘go for a walk’, ‘spend some time with nature’, whilst these are helpful suggestions, they’re not centred around us as individuals. They’re not bespoke, and when it comes to our personal wellbeing, one size does not fit all. Therefore, finding an activity to boost our mood and bring us closer to self-understanding is hard.

Enter Aura-Soma®, a self-selective colour care system that puts you back at the centre of your wellbeing. Aura-Soma founder and innovator Vicky Wall would say ‘no one knows you better than yourself’, and this of course is true. It’s easy though to lose touch with that in our busy schedules, so how do we reconnect? The Aura-Soma Colour-Care System® has been developed to capture the energies of colour, crystals and plants at a profound level and to use them as a tool to discover more about the essence of who we are. In the past, people have relied on others to tell them what to do and what they need. The Aura-Soma system empowers us to make these decisions for ourselves.

Begin your journey by having a unique and completely personal consultation with a registered Aura-Soma Practitioner. During your one to one consultation you’ll select the four beautiful, jewel-like dual-coloured ‘Equilibrium’ bottles that you feel the most drawn to. By this we mean the ones that you can’t resist, cannot look past, the ones that are almost dancing off the shelf with pure brilliance. Your consultation practitioner will encourage you to trust your intuition, allowing you to be drawn to the colour combinations that will have the highest benefit for you. Together with your practitioner you will explore the meanings of your chosen colours within the context of your own journey and life, leading to a deeper level of self-understanding and compassion.

We all like a little luxury that is just for us. Every Equilibrium bottle of your choosing is unique, with active ingredients and vibrant colours. Following your consultation, you can take home your chosen bottles to use and enjoy, this is where your Aura-Soma journey continues into everyday life. Use the Equilibrium as part of your routine to bring balance and calm. Remember, the colours you have chosen are the colours you need. You can apply the Equilibrium to your body by massage, use during meditation to deepen your practice, to support your personal affirmation or you might like to add a few drops to a hot bath. Aura-Soma think of your self-care sequence as a way of ‘giving yourself back to yourself’.

Aura-Soma fits perfectly around you and your schedule, so ‘finding the time’ to introduce Equilibrium to your routine is simple, and an ideal way to bring you back to yourself, daily. For example, when doing some exercise, yoga or Tai-Chi, the Aura-Soma system, the Pomanders or Quintessences, can be introduced as part of that daily practice. The Aura-Soma system has been carefully developed to enable you to be the best version of you, so remember to trust your intuition when deciding when to use your Equilibrium, and the products will work their very best for you.

All Equilibrium bottles are best applied to the area on the body where you trust your instinct to put it. In other words, there is no right or wrong place for you to massage your Equilibrium bottle, just where feels right for you. Perhaps that might be over the heart area or your tummy, just try to ensure that wherever you do choose you do so in a band, all the way around the body. Think about the chakras, and how your colours might link in with those points on the body.

The ideal time to apply your Equilibrium would be after you have showered or bathed in the morning and again before you go to bed in the evening.  Both of these opportunities are to make a space for yourself to do something for you. An opportunity to give yourself back to yourself. An opportunity for self-care and self-love.

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