Sitting in your usual meditation position, begin to centre yourself with your breathing.

Now focus on your breath. Close your eyes. Begin to concentrate on your breathing.

Always focus on each breath. If you become distracted return to your breath.
Take a few minutes of this breathing relaxation to prepare for your mindful meditation. Inhale and exhale…

You breathe out and as your breath goes out into your Aura, you are aware of your auric field. You feel as if your Aura is a bubble of energy surrounding you.

Now focuses on your breath again breathe in and out.

Feel the cool air at the tip of your nose, warm breath as you breathe out. Follow the breath into your chest and heart centre. Feel yourself bathed in golden sunlight.

Then you find yourself rising upwards, with in your aura. The Golden light surrounding you lifting you .You feel as light as a feather…

The atmosphere within your aura is peaceful and you feel refreshed and energised.


Then you become aware of the presence. Before you stands Archangel Michael. Surrounded with golden light, like the sun. You might see him as a colour, a vibration or as he is usually painted in pictures. However you see him or sense him, you know he is there.

Archangel Michael has come to you to help you to removal of any old stuck energy connected to old memories, events or people or any negative energy you may hold with in you.

When you are ready to be released from these old stuck situations, ask Archangel Michael uses his sword of light to remove these old chords that can tie you to the past. Ask him now to remove anything that keeps you stuck in the past. See the sword flashing its light all around you to cut these old chords or ties. Then Archangel Michael gives you the sword to hold. It’s not heavy. It is weightless, made of pure light. As you hold it, its light fills every part of you. Feel it filling your feet, legs, body, arms, neck and head. You become filled with light, and the shadows of old energy dissolves. Ask Archangel Michael to send protection into the areas that have been healed.

You can always ask Michael to come to you when you need it to remove any stuck situations in your life. You give the sword back to Archangel Michael.

It is time to return now. Thanking Archangel Michael for all that has been released and protected. You feel the energy change Archangel Michael has gone. You are back within the Golden light of your aura. Take a deep breath in until you find yourself sitting in your room again. Begin to ground yourself by breathing more deeply, feel the solidity of the floor, the ground and start to stretch and open your eyes.

by Aurora Brierley

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