Sounds like something from a Science Fiction series on Netflix, doesn’t it? So, what is a multidimensional being? Well, I am, and more to the point, so are you. We both are because our lives take place within the three dimensions of Body, Mind and Spirit. 

From the physical, the psycho-emotional, and the spiritual; they are all elements of consciousness we naturally use. That’s because we all have a body with a biological system, a mind with mental and emotional capacities, and a spiritual element we can learn to recognise, realise and actualise. 

Each of us can explore our spirituality, and opportunities to do so take place in any given moment. The most common first ‘tingles’ of awareness come from episodes such as; gut feelings, synchronicities, spontaneous sensing and creativity, telephone telepathy or sensing energy moving within, and around, your body. These are all perfectly normal.

Over our lifetimes, more diverse challenges appear such as illness, the loss of a loved one, divorce and more, all of which provide life-changing opportunities to further us on our spiritual path. For me, the death of my Mum in 1997 was a big one. It created a shift, a space for me to go deeper, to take the next steps in an interesting journey of self-discovery. It’s strange but true that suffering offers up the possibility for us to heal, learn and grow. What initially appeared as misfortune or personal curses, in hindsight are seen to be sacred opportunities. 

When we neglect the existence of this spiritual dimension, our lives become out of kilter and imbalanced. We may well have feelings of pointlessness, loneliness, emptiness, of not being worthy, and develop anxiety and depression. In short, we become ill. The wellbeing of a human is not simply about the physical and mental elements alone, for it includes the spiritual too. The current explosion of anxiety and depression is directly linked to a spiritual disconnection, as our belief in something greater has waned. 

There is only one answer, one cure, and that is to connect with the spiritual within. Look for what makes your heart ‘sing’, what is your passion, what fills you with awe and wonder? For these are all clues that will help you discover the truth of who you are on the mystery journey of life.

There is no unique method or practice that works for everyone, but look at some of the approaches listed below and see what calls out to you: 

    Talk and communicate with like-minded souls (share meaningful conversations) Read magazines that resonate and support you on your journey

    Listen to music that relaxes you or invokes a sense of peace and harmony

    Read books that encourage you to heal, learn and grow 

    Use practices such as meditation, mindfulness, yoga etc

    Attend workshops or Mind-Body-Spirit events

   Attend group retreats, one-to-one retreats and when ready, go on a solo retreat

You don’t need to spend loads of money, and the choices are diverse and many. So much is available free online these days, just take a look. Follow your intuition. Learn to be still. Spend a few minutes each day in silence. When you are ready, go on a workshop or a retreat. Try not to follow fads on social media and never pay a fortune to anyone offering to sell you enlightenment! 

Friendships and relationships are likely to change as you outgrow old patterns and beliefs, and you will need to develop the strength and courage to continue. 

The benefits outweigh the loss, for as you become increasingly connected, life becomes better balanced, happier and more meaningful. You will begin to sense a growing purpose and a warm feeling of aliveness as things fall into place all by themselves. That’s not to say all ‘bad’ things will come to an end, but you will start to recognise that everything which takes place is here to help you heal, learn and grow. You will be more able to cope with impactful challenges in your life because you have established a connection with the spiritual dimension, and you have opened a doorway to inner wisdom, hidden potentials and unknown possibilities. 

One of the most life-changing experiences in my life to date took place in 2007. One evening, at home with my wife, I collapsed on the floor and left my body. Following the initial panic and fear, what I experienced in those moments was a blissful sense of freedom. I felt the true beauty of my soul and intuitively knew that each and every one could feel the same radiant love and joy, for it is alive and present within each one of us. When you do feel that innate presence, your life will be changed forever. I’d never written before, but in the week following my collapse, I wrote my first book. That book went on to win an award, and a whole new chapter in my life began. 

Now it’s your turn to share your gifts with the world. Such is the wonder of the multidimensional being you are! 

J.M. Harrison is a British born Award Winning author. He began writing following a mystical death experience in 2007. He has taught alongside Barbara Marx-Hubbard, Dr Bruce Lipton and others, as well as taking part in numerous media interviews in Europe and the US.  We are delighted to welcome Jonathan to our team of Elders – we know his words will be of benefit to thousands of people in coming editions. 

John has recently joined the team of More to Life Elders.

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