Angelic Reiki is more than just Reiki with Angels. It is more like Angels with Reiki; a subtle, but a profound difference.

I first came across Angelic Reiki 6 years ago at a Mind Body Spirit fair in the North of England. Although I was wary about receiving healing at that time, I knew that I would one day learn this healing modality for myself and sure enough, in March 2008 I completed the 7 day Master workshop with Kevin and Christine Core the co founders of Angelic Reiki. Kevin has since ascended to spirit and still continues to teach and help Angelic Reiki students on an energetic and spiritual level. I was very ill prepared for the profound effects that that workshop would have on me.

Angelic Reiki takes its lineage from Usui, Shamballa and Tibetan Reiki. It is very different from other forms of Reiki though. Using a specific recipe of ancient rituals and texts and preparation of the space and students through cleanses and by creation of sacred space, the traditional Reiki symbols are then anchored into the student’s energy field by the Angels themselves. By doing this the energy and attunements are given and received in their original purity, which was lost after the fall of Atlantis. I was a bit sceptical about this at first but I could actually feel them writing the symbols on my palms. I think that one of the hardest things for us humans to do, is to let go of logic and what we already ‘know’ to be true and trust in the process and the unseen. But when we have things confirmed on a physical level, such as by feeling it or seeing it then we begin to trust. It’s part of our development.Normally, the workshop is split into 4 levels. There is the First and Second degree, which is primarily for yourself and family and friends and 4th degree. This is again for yourself and family and friends but in these attunements you receive the master symbols. This is so that you can integrate the energies yourself and become your own master before you begin to practice on others. It is a recognised fact that the best healers are the ones that have done lots of work on themselves. There is then a practitioner level and then a Master Teacher level for those who wish to go on to teach Angelic Reiki.


A typical workshop is 2 ½ to 3 days long. The length of time is important in order for you to sit in the energies and absorb the teachings. During that time you will receive 2 Reiki attunements and an attunement to 30 Archangels, which then leaves aligns you more with the Angelic vibration so that you are more able to channel the Angelic energy and act as a bridge between the realms. It is not necessary to learn the Reiki symbols as the Angels will use which ever ones are most appropriate for each individual healing. The attunements themselves are carried out by the Angels and the Angelic Reiki Master holds the space and reads these from the manual so that there is no distortion and the energy comes through in its purest form.

Because Angelic Reiki can heal on so many different levels, which include multidimensional, past life, healing as a soul group, spherical as well as physical, etherical, healing with the 3rd eye, emotional, mental etc, it is necessary to practice each of these types of healing individually so that they can be recognised when they arise in a treatment. They normally happen spontaneously but it is important to practice them so that you know what they are when they do happen. So you can see that even though 2 ½ or 3 days might sound like a long time, when you take into account all of the attunements and healing practices that take place, it isn’t that long really.


Angelic Reiki is definitely a recognised healing modality but much more than that it is a powerful self development and ascension tool. More than being a practical workshop, Angelic Reiki cleanses and prepares you to be able to absorb the wisdom behind the teachings in an energetic way. I found myself reading esoteric texts that I wouldn’t have dreamt of reading before, and understanding every word as if I already knew it. It can change you in a deep and profound way and each healing session is an invitation for the practitioner and the client to experience their own divinity.

As well as supporting you on your own personal path and healing it can reveal to you your own latent talents and gifts. Your lifes purpose or dharma may be revealed to you. You may not be clear why you have been drawn to do this workshop as our conscious mind does not know everything that is for our highest good, but something may be revealed to you during or after an Angelic Reiki workshop that completely changes the course of your life, whether that is doing traditional spiritual work or not.

Of course if you do decide to practice Angelic Reiki or teach it, the rewards or the effects that these energies can have on someone are not quantifiable. Ultimately though the Angels see us as already divinely perfect, and by working with or receiving healing from them you are invited to do the same, and to embrace the Master that you truly are.

by Pam Rogerson

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