Discover the incredible world of energy-healing, with an art that works solely with divine light and consciousness, to help you clear your mental, emotional and karmic conditioning, balance your meridians and energise your body as a whole. Discover VortexHealing and enjoy the benefits of this unique healing system.

The origins of VortexHealing date back more than 5600 years to a man named Mehindra, who was born into humanness directly from wholeness – directly from divine consciousness. Those who are born this way bring a unique aspect of divine consciousness into manifestation, with Mehindra’s being magical transformation. After his death, Mehindra – who later became known as Merlin – used his energy and consciousness, along with that of seven other divine beings, to form a divine ‘healing realm’ and to link it to human consciousness through an interdimensional vortex. Through direct transmission, the teachings of Merlin have been passed on from teacher to teacher, and have become known as the Merlin lineage. Students receive this healing art through direct transmission as well.

As one of the most powerful and advanced healing tools we have, VortexHealing is able to work very deeply on both a physical and emotional level, and can be used as a tool for deep transformation. Even musical instruments have their sound improved by a short healing. Divine intelligence sends each of the 49 unique forms of Vortex to where it needs to be in the body, and a special aspect of the healing art creates a deep ‘bridging’ for the energy, so it is pulled very deeply into the person or musical instrument receiving the energy. Vortex can even be directed into just the meridian system, which creates an effect similar to the ancient art of acupuncture.

The description of VortexHealing would not be complete without mentioning its less visible aspect. As a divine lineage, its inner intention is to create spiritual evolution, and to be able to ‘ripen’ its students sufficiently over time to create spiritual awakening. Although the healing aspect of VortexHealing stands on its own, the trainings also create the energetic and consciousness development needed to enable spiritual awakening to occur in a later class. This awakening, in turn, creates the inner freedom for much deeper levels of healing occur. So, the healing aspect of VortexHealing and the awakening aspect go hand in hand.

Features Writer, Sarah Ross, had a brief direct VortexHealing experience over the phone, with a VortexHealer who was over 3000 miles away. The brief healing, which was intended to give her a ‘taste’ of VortexHealing, was focused on improving and strengthening her eyes. She said: “Having been short-sighted since the age of 11, I spend much of my time wearing contact lenses and staring at computers, which can often leave my eyes feeling very dry and tired, particularly during the autumn/winter when the heating is on indoors and its cold and windy outside. The healer said that he would work only on my right eye first, so I could compare the treated eye to the untreated one. He had me close my eyes and said he was channelling ‘energetic structures’ into my right eye – dense structures of divine energy that would stay in the eye and continue to give them energy over time. After just 10 or 15 seconds he had me open my eyes, and much to my surprise, the vision in my right eye looked brighter! I am rather sceptical about these kinds of things, so you can imagine my surprise. I closed my eyes again, and he then channelled divine Vortex energy into just the right eye. After about 30 seconds I opened my eyes and my vision was even brighter in my right eye! He then did the same healing for the other eye. I have to report that although the brief healing did not improve the prescription for eye sight, my vision has gotten brighter and my eyes do not feel as tired and dry afterwards. It still amazes me that this could be done at such a distance and with just a couple of minutes of channelling! I can only imagine how it would be for someone getting a full hour treatment, or learning this healing art and receiving a self-healing of this kind every day.”

VortexHealing workshops are available within the UK. You do not need any previous experience to take part in the Basic VortexHealing Training.

To find out more about VortexHealing and its capabilities, visit

To take part in a VortexHealing workshop, call 01822 841462

or email for further details.

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