Of the five human senses, hearing is one of the first to be used by the newborn child, sound heralding our initial introduction to the physical world – and what sound we are born into. From the relative silence of the womb we are catapulted into the tempestuous roar of modern life.

This cacophony of vibration symbolizes a growing lack of harmony in the way we interact with the world around us. Its shock waves play unceasingly upon our jangled nerves and threaten to drown out the silent voice within that relates us to our spiritual source.

Yet this inner voice, when carefully listened for, can wisely guide us through the maze of manifested existence. To the outer ear it has no sound at all, but to the inner ear it is the voice of the silence, the dynamic utterance of the Christ within. In times of crisis when we feel alone and in need of guidance, we catch faint whispers of wisdom from this source. Eventually the depth and frequency of such crisis prompt us to change our whole life direction and follow its call.

As our inner senses register  the voice of reason more frequently, our minds are steadily elevated to new spiritual heights creating in the process a pathway of consciousness that spans the gulf between the inner and the outer kingdoms of nature. Every moral victory and every virtue attained by heeding the voice of the silence, form the path of return. As such, it is a path of inner sound and light along which we travel towards our spiritual destiny.

Every person, every form, has a tone which is produced by the minute sounds of the atoms which compose that form.

Through life’s adventures we learn how to fine-tune this sound until the souls vibration can play through its instrument and resound throughout the entire structure. A full, rich chord then rings out appealing to the inner senses of others and awakening them to the silent voice within their own inner sanctum.

Sound is therefore intimately linked to the “spirit of relationship” for it helps us to develop right relationship with our higher Self, and then through this medium, with all other selves.

Interestingly, the ear, which enables us to register sound, is also associated with the faculty of balance. And the inner correspondence of balance demonstrate as that ‘spiritual poise’ which enables a human being to stand balanced between the two poles of existence – spirit and matter, and relate them to one another in harmony.

In some of the inhabitants of the animal world, balance and orientation are perfected to an amazing degree, as seen in echo-location systems where sound is emitted and reflected back from their surroundings giving a precise awareness of location. From a psychological viewpoint, the human voice is similarly used in social interaction, evoking responses that lead to an understanding of place in society and the nature of relationships to others. From the spiritual perspective we each have to find our own ‘inner note’ in the midst of life’s challenges and in spite of the density of form. Through meditation and reflection, a subjective hearing is developed that enables us to locate our true selves. An understanding then dawns of our position in the great scheme of things and the direction in which we must travel to merge with that “peace which passeth understanding” from where the souls note of joy silently beckons.

Of course allied to the above is the lesson of silence which forces one to see ones life and heart for what they truly are. Most people walk across the stage of life like poorly trained actors reading hollow lines placed in their mouths by other supposedly authoritarian persons or by the contents of orthodox scripture or other shallow writings, never really understanding that they live their assigned parts according to the dictates of materialistic society and conventional religion avoiding taking a close look at who they really are inwardly because materialistic society and their religion and priest or minister frowns upon it. It is far easier to allow oneself to be swamped by the brashness, the frenetic pace and turbulence of the outer world.

When you however, take a step back, pause, and allow yourself entry into the realms of silence, the actors role is stripped away and the beauty of that silence fills you with a refreshing, vital spiritual energy. The more this is done until it becomes a constant, sacred act, the more wonder, richness and sanctity of the inner soul world floods your being. This is the true state of grace and reality from which your whole life is controlled and flows like a pellucid stream.

It is from this state of deep silence that one in time becomes the master controller of ones life and destiny, no more to be controlled by the vagaries and fickleness of the outer materialistic life. It is not by chance that so many great individuals of the past in so many spheres of activity, retired from the world and their work for periods of time for they knew the great value and necessity of silence and its power to revitalize, re-energize body, mind and spirit.

Over the long, long ages people have forgotten the simple truth that all form, the whole of creation indeed from a stone to a star, have their origin in the depths of cosmic silence.

Whether it be a plant seed germinating in the dark soil or the seed of a star world germinating in the depths of a solar system , that birth unfolds without exception in the depths of infinite silence.

Robert Gresak. Durban. South Africa


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