The technique described below aims to discharge negative feelings, thoughts, incidents or situations by releasing aspects of the subconscious mind.

Discharging means removing negative mental pain (feelings, emotions, thoughts, images). For example, when you have had an argument with someone, you may experience a negative or painful feeling when you recall this incident. If the incident is discharged, it will no longer painful to think about – the negative feelings or emotions, the negative thoughts or persistent images that lingered in your mind, will be removed.

A concrete example

Suppose you are afraid to speak in front of groups.

Imagine that you give a presentation in front of a group and in doing so, experience feelings of fear. Next, try to reconnect with that fear – remember how it made you feel.

Next, express that feeling into a sentence in the ‘first person’ (using ‘I’ or ‘me’). For example: ‘I’m overwhelmed with fear”. It is very important that the sentence formed is the right one, otherwise, nothing will be ‘peeled off’. The right sentence is what is stored in the subconscious mind. Only when the contents of the sentence are exact will small parts of it be able to be broken down. Keep searching until you find the right one.

Whilst clearly imagining the fear, repeat the sentence (I’m overwhelmed with fear) until you feel a sense of relief or until it feels right to form a new/different sentence. For example: ‘I feel tense and insecure’ or ‘I will fail’ or ‘they will judge me’.

Whilst clearly imagining the feeling or the idea that goes with this new sentence repeat the process again until you feel some relief. When you feel that you have reached a final point, start all over again.

How to Go About It

Choose a negative topic you want help with. This can be an emotion, an idea, a conviction, a situation, an incident that happened recently, an image or a thought that keeps lingering in your mind.

Clearly imagine this topic in your mind. If it is an emotion, try to really ‘feel’ it.

If it is an idea, an image, a situation or an incident, then clearly imagine it and connect with the emotion it triggers

If it is an image, engage with the accompanying ideas and emotions.

Use your imagination and memory to deeply connect with the issue.

For example, if you feel you are being disrespected by others,  either imagine both this idea and the feeling that accompanies it, or try to recall a memory of a moment when you were not respected by others, or create an imaginary situation in which you are not respected by others in the hope that you can ‘call up’ the right idea and feeling.

When a situation is complicated, break it down into more manageable, smaller pieces and work on each bite size piece individually When one element is discharged, proceed to the treatment of another.

If you find you are repeating the same sentence and not getting any results, you probably haven’t formed the right sentence. Revisit the process and repeat. You will feel ‘lighter’ and know it has worked.

Most people find this technique easy to use but others find it difficult, their subconscious matter is being stirred up without it being discharged, they become stuck in negativity.

If this happens only once, it’s not a problem. Simply leave the technique be for a while, focus your attention on other activities in your life, the negativity will disappear by itself. If it persists then try with a completely different subject or leave it altogether

Mastering this simple, powerful technique may sometimes require practice but once you’ve got the hang of it, you have a free technique to help fix problems in yourself and in your life at your disposal.

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Article by Charlotte

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