Living in these challenging times is giving us all plenty of time to give some thought to the future. Where do you want to be in life? What do you want to do with your life? What would you like to achieve? How does the future now that we have entered the new Golden Earth?

It’s time to manifest, time to create a bright, happy, positive future for everyone no matter your circumstances.

2020 is now behind us, and quite honestly, I, along with many others am glad to see the back of it. I really do not want to see another mask, no matter what colour it is! What an incredibly difficult year with changing rules and regulations and no end in sight. We have done well to come through it.

Role on spring 2021 where hopefully we will be free of all this negative energy and able to live in relative peace, truth and freedom. This is the time to manifest a bright, healthy, positive future full of dreams and wishes to be fulfilled through the coming year.

Life is a continuous journey and we all have desires, dreams and goals. Now is the time for manifesting, no more procrastinating and waiting for the right moment to make a start – it’s time to get the job done. There is no feeling in the world better than achieving your goal, especially when it has been with you for some time.

Focus on your life and what you would like to achieve in the coming year. Is it your career that needs improving? Or your relationships? Is everything well with your immediate family and friends? Do you have health issues that need resolving? Whatever the problem, make an honest list, sit quietly and ask the angels to help manifest the changes you need.

Let go of 2020, it brought a lot of challenges and opportunities for growth but it was long and difficult on so many levels. Now it is time to embrace the future and its endless possibilities; to manifest your dreams and ambitions – the sky is the limit or the Universe, depending on your belief system.

So, what would make you heart sing?

My mother always used to tell me ‘You are never as young as you are today’ and it is so true. Life passes by so quickly, one blink and it is gone so please stop still for a moment and consider what would make your heart sing?

Maybe you would like to be more patient, more accommodating, more considerate, more discerning, more flexible.

Perhaps a relaxing holiday abroad swimming in the ocean and basking in the sunshine would help? Or simply walking on the sand on a warm sunny day or a sun kissed meadow filled with pretty flowers.. Maybe you just need a rest, a break from routine.
Would you like to learn how to paint or draw? Learn how to create a sculpture, or pottery perhaps? It’s never too late to learn a new hobby – all it takes is the first step. Just do it!

Life is for living, not moaning about how hard done by you are, or how much it costs or staying stuck in the ‘poor me’ syndrome. We should think about our cup being half full rather than half empty. All it needs is a change of thought. Make decisions and be positive and the universe will back you up. It has no choice, it is a Universal Law. Just wait and see how positive life can be once you make that important decision to change things.

Make a wish list for this year. Remember all the things you didn’t/couldn’t do in 2020 make a promise to yourself that this year will be different. Don’t put it off – just do it.

Personally, I will be travelling to Perth, Australia to see my eldest daughter and her family. It’s been very hard for those of us with families living abroad – not having been able to see them because of forced restrictions has been so very hard.

I have noticed that this pandemic has made people more friendly, there has been a stronger sense of neighbourhood where I lived on the south coast of England.

So, roll on freedom, truth and peace. May your new year be the happiest yet.

Linda Jarrett
Temples of Golden Light
More to Life Elder

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