The recent difficulties have had many effects on people’s lives, with one being to put a lot more pressure on intimate relationships.

We have seen side-effects from all this pressure.

There have unfortunately been reports of more break-ups, more domestic violence and on a more positive note, reports of how the virus ‘saved a relationship’.

What Happens When You Shine a Light on Your Intimate Relationship?

The current overt external pressure is not the only thing going on; in sessions with clients I am being shown that there is a lot happening on a ‘5D subtle level’ with many people being asked to awaken during this time and those who have already awakened being asked to relentlessly examine everything in their lives to pave the way to the next level. The global spiritual energy, particularly on a heart level, is very intense.
And the place where you will most feel this pressure most is in your intimate relationships.

So, How Can You Make Sure `you are Thriving in Your Intimate Relationship?

There are Three Key Factors

High Self-Worth

As spiritual people we can often have a strong connection to spirit but need to work on our self-worth, especially in relationships. I see many spiritual people who have a lot of love to give but often end up sharing it with someone who drains them, keeps them small and sometimes even abuses them. We need to be strong and move on from these types of people.

What stops us from moving on from intimate relationships that are stopping us growing spiritually?

Although there are many different reasons, the underlying reason is because we are scared to be alone. Being alone is painful. It makes it much easier to see our own darkness and limiting issues – a hurtful and uncomfortable feeling. It also, however, often also makes it a lot easier to make real progress and connect to our inner light on a much deeper level.

How much are you worth in a relationship?

The answer is nearly always a lot more than you realise. I firmly believe we are all capable and worthy of meeting that special someone who will be a reflection of the unconditional love we have found within ourselves but often we accept much, much less than we deserve because of our low self-worth.

Make the Difficult Decisions That Align With Your Heart

The greatest fear is the fear of the unknown. When you make a big decision in your life, such as one around an intimate relationship, you have to face this fear to a much greater degree. Do you stick with what you know or risk it by going into the unknown?
And What is Really the Greatest Unknown of Them All?
The greatest unknown is Divine Love. That which we are all seeking to firstly find within ourselves and then if desired, share through an intimate relationship. It is important to recognise and acknowledge how much we cling to the ‘known’. Sometimes the known can be a safe yet not truly nourishing intimate relationship, sometimes the known can be an abusive relationship and sometimes the known can be an up-down turbulent relationship full of love-hate. Or a mixture of all three.
The unknown makes you feel expansive and can often be exhilarating for a while. It also brings up a lot of stomach-turning fear and raises many questions as to how things will unfold and a general feeling that you are out of control. It takes bravery, courage and a hefty dose of trust.
If you are being called to make a decision around your intimate relationship at this time, I suggest three things.

  • Checking in with your own intuition
  • Getting advice off people you trust
  • Be prepared to make the difficult decision if it feels right.

Do all three with a big yet practical heart.

Trust Divine Timing

Do you ever feel that the right relationship will never come along or that your current relationship will never grow in the way you hope?
Welcome to divine timing.
It can often seem like we are going around in circles in our relationships and not growing at all but in reality everything will come to us at the right time, when we are truly ready.
Although the current situation may be giving you situations which feel too much to handle please rest assured that the Universe will never give you more than you can handle. You are strong and can work with this.
Although on an ‘outer level’ things appear to be slowing down currently, on a subtle and spiritual level things are really speeding up. So, don’t be surprised if the next few months bring big changes in your intimate relationships and you have some heart-opening moments that shine a light on your intimate relationships like has never happened before. Now is the time.


There is a lot of pressure being put on intimate relationships currently. Above all, please remember in the depths of your heart – you are worth so much. Keep following the calling of your highest path. No matter what appears to happen on the outside, Divine Love will always have your back and will ultimately lead you to the perfect intimate relationship, for you.

intimate relationships - jack childs
Jack Childs

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