With the final explosion of fireworks and the last toll of the bells heralding a New Year, our thoughts often turn to resolutions and what, in this case, is 2015 going to bring us.

Will it be any better or worse than the year we have just waved goodbye to?

Someone once told me “The good thing about making New Year’s resolutions is being able to break them.” We lost touch as I left school – I often wonder what happened to him; he could be the CEO of a large company or be in jail!  

So what is a resolution? Why are they so easily forgotten?

Is there a better way of ensuring a good year is had?

Resolution (New Year): a commitment that an individual makes on January 1st

Resolution (Audio): a measure of the quality of sound

Resolution (Debate): the statement in which policy is discussed

Resolution (Law): a written motion adopted by a ruling body

The common link between them is either noise or, perhaps, a ruling is a better way of putting it.

We are trying to commit ourselves to something rigid and inflexible:

I want to lose weight

I want to stop drinking

I want to move house

I want a job with more money

I want a new life  

I want, I want, I want.

What happened to ‘I will’? We all have free will here on Mother Earth, so why do we confine ourselves to such strict thinking?

We are here to learn lessons both good and not so good. Perhaps we should call them ‘New Year Decisions’ not resolutions! Putting the blinkers on can inhabit our vision – we need to clearly see left, right and ahead to be able to avoid pitfalls. But what about behind you? There always seems to be something sneaking up on us; unexpected problems and challenges to deal with. That is where dowsing comes in; it helps us in decision making, health matters, food allergies, work, stress levels and ultimately helps us to start taking control of our own lives. Dowsing has been with us for thousands of years, the Chinese used it as did the Egyptians and perhaps this is its downfall. It can often be seen as old fashioned or perhaps the work of the devil (thanks to Martin Luther).

Most people believe dowsers purely find water but that is just a small part of a very big picture.


How to Dowse

Firstly you need to start using the L rods or pendulum and then practice, practice, practice. It is like riding a bike, the more you do it the better you get. Start with small issues first, test the water. You don’t want to dowse life changing decisions until you are confident in your responses.

So how do we use a pendulum?

To quote from my book ‘Heal Your Home’ There is no one pendulum better than another, some people like a beautiful crystal whilst others solid brass or perhaps wood. Once chosen, hold the pendulum between thumb and forefinger so that there is only 2-3” of cord between your fingers and the actual pendulum This will enable the heavy bit at the end to give a quick and smooth response. Using either hand, set the pendulum in motion, swinging gently back and forth (this is your neutral position). Then ask it to show you your ‘yes’ response and note the movement. Follow this by asking for your ‘no’.

Do check your responses regularly; by asking three verifiable questions (for example, is it raining outside? Am I wearing a blue shirt today? Is it Monday?). The reason for this? Responses can change.

Now you need to practice, practice, practice. Start to ask questions such as:

‘When will the post arrive?’

‘Will it be raining tomorrow ?’

When will the telephone next ring?’

‘Is this particular foodstuff good for me?’

‘Am I dehydrated?’

When will your husband/wife come back from work?’

This way you will start to build your confidence with the pendulum but don’t forget that the answer is only as good as your question; therefore you need to ask the big wide searching question first and then, start to narrow the subject down as quickly as possible.


There are ways of getting more than just a yes or no from your pendulum but I would suggest that you attend a dowsing workshop if you would like to find out more. Once you are happy with your responses it is time to look at making decisions for 2015.

Please don’t forget that life makes us who we are today, all experiences are valuable, both good and bad, and that we are all individuals. So where do we start? F

irstly write down a series of questions that you would like the answers to. They need to be to the point and as unambiguous as possible. Use the ‘raining’ question for example; if you got a’yes’ and then it didn’t rain in your area, you have to realise that is did rain somewhere in the world. Hence the ‘yes’ answer. The question has to be framed correctly.

Adrian is a professional dowser, geomancer (geopathic stress) and spirit worker. In 2013 he successful published his first book called ‘Heal Your Home’ a self help guide on how to deal with the noxious energies found within the home and family, available from his website www.dowsingspirits.co.uk and Amazon. He teaches a range of spiritual and dowsing courses around the country and gives regular talks. He is contactable on email: adrian@dowsingspirits.co.uk or on 01423 781974



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