The Beauty and Magic of Orbs

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I saw my first orbs while celebrating the new millennium, standing in my garden at Les Labadous, in Rennes-le-Chateau in the south of France with a group of friends, watching a huge bonfire.

There I took a picture with my old analogue camera. I noticed some strange ‘light bulbs’ on the photos but didn’t know what they were. Maybe they were caused by dirt on the film or the lens, or maybe something had gone wrong during the processing of the film. I didn’t know, but I was intrigued.

Then, a few years later, my pictures taken with a new digital camera were suddenly full of light. The orbs had shown themselves in ever-increasing numbers and in ever-growing variety. Real, beautiful orbs! First there were the multi-coloured ones and the opaque, white traditional orbs. Next came the shooters, sometimes with ‘afterburners’. Then orbs in rods appeared, straight and rounded, and green wires with curious shapes. I saw orbs with holes in them, looking like faces, and orbs with segments missing at the edges. Then huge ones appeared, filling large caves or church portals, followed by bright blots coming out of the ground or floating in the air. Some looked like UFOs, others like fairies. Next came the clouds, huge and white, swirling around me and consisting of hundreds of orbs in the shape of a dragon, a dog or a huge vortex.

My pictures soon went really wild and hundreds of orbs in all kinds of colours appeared. Brilliant rays were ‘falling’ out of the sky. Huge white veils could be seen as well as angel figures and umbrella-shaped orbs. When I took pictures of a friend, the camera did not focus on her but on the orbs.

‘Orb’ is an English word meaning light bulb, light circle or light ball. The orb phenomenon is something from the last ten to twenty years. They are now appearing on most digital cameras, but not on every camera and not to every person or at every moment or location.

We don’t know what they are for sure but there are many theories, varying from the souls of people who have passed away to extra-terrestrials, from spirits to high frequency energies. We do however know that they often appear in the infrared light spectrum, that they are intelligent and ‘like’ humid conditions. They also seem to love ceremonies, children and animals, and want to be present when people enjoy themselves.

Professional photographers, as well as critics of anything paranormal, will tell you that the orbs are caused by reflections of particles in the air in front of the lens. But that is highly unlikely. Just try to get some orbs by throwing dust in the air. Some blame the appearances on malfunctions of the camera, or on photographing into the light. Indeed, you can get wonderful pictures when photographing into the light, but they are not orbs and it is easy to check. When you take several pictures in a row and they all look about the same, you can be sure that these are photographic effects. Such a thing never happens with orbs and you will never get the same picture twice.

Many people, including myself, think that the orbs carry an important message for mankind, saying that we are not alone in this world, that there is a spirit world near to ours. We have an immortal soul and should not be afraid of death; we should use our abilities for the welfare of mankind and take better care of ourselves and the world. But we can also ask the orbs for help. Isn’t that wonderful?

We live in special times, witnessing some of the most incredible spiritual phenomena such as the reading of chakra fields, creating things with our minds and healing people with our minds and hands. But there are also the highly technical phenomena of quantum physics, manipulation of DNA strings, bio-photon technology, vortices, torsion fields and so on… Most interesting is that these phenomena seem to be converging, the spiritual and the technical. They may even be the same! And isn’t it curious that highly scientific people, like Tesla and Einstein and many others, were also highly spiritual people? It is wonderful to see how the two separate worlds of spirituality and technology, always kept strictly apart, are now coming together.

The orbs are exactly the same. They are a technical phenomenon of high frequency energies, invisible to our eyes, but they are also emanations of the spirit world.

And do we humans realise that we ourselves are also made up of all those invisible particles and energies, that we have a divine spark inside us, our spirit, and that we possess an immortal soul? Even though we don’t know where it is and what it looks like. It could very well be that the orbs are now showing us the way, telling us that there is a spirit world waiting for us. And that our souls are both energy and spirit just like the orbs, pure energy encoded with our spirit and our basic characteristics, our history, our destiny and our future. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Jaap Rameijer has self-published a book on orbs in English, called The Beauty and the Message of Orbs. It has over 400 pictures and is available on as a paperback or an eBook. Jaap is also the author of ‘Jamie on his Cloud’, a spiritual fable published by Local Legend (ISBN 978-1-907203-60-2). Read further information and an extract at

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