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Channel the Power of the Universe

I am a point of light within a greater light. I am a strand of loving energy within the stream...

Stride in Truth – James Woods

The situation regarding humanity has been at the ‘top table’ for a long time cosmologically speaking. It has led...

Cosmic Push 2019

Through December 2018 and early January 2019, we have experienced upshifted energetics in consciousness and advances in spiritual development...

21 April – 20 May

Over the course of your life, you have accumulated a great deal of ‘stuff’: memories, experiences, learning, books and a great deal of things you’ve kept ‘just in case’; and stuff isn’t just physical, it’s emotional and spiritual as well. Of course, most people collect these things, but there’s a sense that you’re somewhat more fastidious than others! As a result, a large proportion of this ‘stuff’ is surplus to the requirements of your everyday life, but you carry it around within your head, heart and soul, ‘just in case’. Whilst there’s much to be said for being prepared for any eventuality, there is a sense that carrying around so many boxes marked ‘miscellaneous’ just in case you need them has started to weigh you down, and much of your energy is focused on carrying them rather than on living your life.

There is a part of your soul jostling for space now; it’s as though your spirit wants to stretch out and breathe deeply once again, yet these boxes are in the way, towering high in places in fairly chaotic fashion as boxes marked ‘miscellaneous’ are hard to order as not even you know what’s inside them anymore. You seem to have reached a chapter of change in your life, one unlike previous periods of shift in that the change is more inner than outer, it’s more heart and soul. This change is coming from a deep longing to set yourself free, to have the confidence to let at least some of these boxes go, trusting that if you do need their contents again in the future, you can tap into your phenomenal intuition and wisdom in order to find a way forward. Sometimes the only way to move forward is to let go of what’s behind you…

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Awakening cannot be described- words cannot approach the great mystery. This mystery has no character and no form.


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