23 October – 22 November

January looks set to be a month to clarify and re-shape your goals and dreams, whilst many would see this as setting your ‘New Year Resolutions’ it’s not quite the same, as these goals and dreams reach far deeper into your consciousness. At the same time, many New Year Resolutions are very specific and clearly defined, such as losing weight, saving up money, finding a dream job etc. It’s as though you are beginning to see beyond all of this towards a bigger goal which is far more nebulous and hard to define. You may wonder if this is even progress if your goal is so hazy and wishy washy, but it’s not. In short, you have reached a stage of your evolution where you are seeking out a state of being, a sense of purpose and a feeling of deeper connection. These may sound lofty goals, but intuitively you know that you are more than ready to open up to these in your life as you have been working towards this for years.

Yet, how do you go about achieving a state of being and what should you seek? Well, it’s less about what to do or how to do it, it’s all about feeling it and connecting to the essence of joy and balance and allowing these to weave their way into all aspects of your life. You are a wise, intuitive and creative soul, and these all need the room to dance freely now as you continue to seek out an untethered life. Being untethered isn’t particularly about being footloose and fancy-free, nor is it about ignoring the needs or wishes of others, it’s about being true to yourself, honouring yourself and listening to your own needs. It’s time to walk your own path now and to love yourself for doing it…

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