20 February - 20 March

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Cosmic Push 2019

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20 February to 20 March

November looks set to be a month for reflection and contemplation as you consider the life you’ve lived and the life you’re living, as well as thinking about the life you’d still like to live in terms of your hopes and dreams. This isn’t an exercise you do very often as it can feel like a million miles away from your massive ‘to do’ list of things to do, people to save, places to go and stuff to achieve. Oops, did that say people to save? Well, yes! There is a part of you that thrives on feeling needed and this often pushes you towards over-giving and over-sacrificing your own wants, needs, energy and being. It’s important that you have a sense as to why you give so much of yourself, as there is an obvious conclusion that it’s because others take and you give, but maybe you just give a bit too freely? This isn’t a criticism, just an observation, and we live in a world where we need givers rather than takers. However, there is a risk that you over-give to feel better about yourself and this needs to be explored as it can deplete you on all levels.

You are possibly one of the most loving, giving, compassionate and generous souls around, but you fail abysmally at showing any of these qualities to yourself. There is no obvious reason for this, but it really does need to change if you are ever to achieve the promised land of inner peace and contentment that you have been searching for. Giving is great, over-giving to the point of depletion isn’t. Saving others is admirable, but sometimes they can only save themselves. This is a month for some self-preservation and self-awareness as you slowly start to find ways of drawing boundaries and shining that glittering heart of yours back towards amazing yourself…

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20 February to 20 March November looks set to be a month for reflection and contemplation as you consider the life you’ve lived and the...

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