23 July – 23 August

January looks set to be a month of self-revelation as you begin to peel back the layers to your soul and connect more deeply to your true essence. You’ve been on fast forward for quite some time and you’re understandably weary from the massive expenditure of energy (of all kinds). In many ways you’re ready for a well-earned rest but intuitively you know that it’s not quite the right time for rest as this is more a period for seeking out inner truth and stripping back yet more layers of clutter in your life. Clutter in this instance can mean physical stuff and it would certainly be wise to let go of the inessential trappings of modern life. At the same time though, stuff goes deeper than this to those people around you who sap your lifeforce to those long-held personal beliefs that you see repeating patterns and cycles.

It’s time to start a fresh chapter and to make a clear declaration of intent as to what you would like to happen next. Whilst we don’t always get exactly what we want, it’s important to set an intent in order to give power, shape and form to your dreams and goals. Although you’re always determined to get from where you are to where you feel you need to be, this is a time for lightening the load in order to clarify exactly where ‘over there’ is. You have learned a great deal about yourself over recent years and you seem ready now to put all of this wisdom into action as you open up to shifting your direction as you find ways to simplify your life more. The concept of ‘less is more’ certainly holds true for you and the more you let go, the more your creative and spiritual wisdom will flow freely…

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