Gratitude for the Gifts of Mother Nature

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Our experience of life here on earth would be decidedly less rich without the extraordinary beauty and diversity of the natural world that is so abundant everywhere around us.
The value of these gifts goes far beyond the beauty that the eye can see or the scents that we can smell or indeed any of the other sensual experiences that we can have in nature; the warming heat of the sun, the refreshing feel of summer rain on your face, a good thunderstorm to clear the air or a pristine blanket of newly fallen snow to name just a few.

Above and beyond the external beauty that we enjoy, Mother Nature also provides us with all the vital components we need for our own balance, harmony and wellbeing. Food and water are perhaps the most obvious examples of this, however all the elements needed for healing have traditionally come from the pharmacopeia of Mother Nature as well. For centuries, skilled men and women all around the world have used the gifts of the natural world found in their own local environment to create healing potions for those in need. Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine and the many and varied Shamanic traditions around the world, together with those wise women trained in the art of healing who were so harshly persecuted by the early church, would all be examples of this.

The Gift of Natural Healing

Today we channel the gifts of Mother Nature into a wide range of holistic disciplines. For example, aromatherapists work with the oil extracted from a plant or tree, herbalists make tinctures from physical parts of plants and trees, while homeopathy utilises remedies made from minute extracts of plants, flowers, trees etc. to stimulate the body’s ability to heal itself. Vibrational essence practitioners like myself, work with essences which have been created from the energies or vibrations of plants, flowers, trees, crystals etc. using them to promote greater harmony and balance within the body’s physical and energetic systems.

If you are wondering how the energies or vibrations of trees, flowers and crystals could possibly help to promote harmony and wellbeing, think about a time when you had an experience of being in a beautiful garden full of roses, or walked into a hothouse full of orchids or other exotic flowers. Possibly you have a favourite walk through the woods that you go on when you feel a bit down and in need of a pick me up. Many people love crystals and will intuitively pick out those that they feel in resonance with and that make them feel good. These are all examples of how we intuitively seek out positive, natural vibrations to enhance our sense of wellbeing. This intuitive sense is well founded because within the abundance of Mother Nature there are positive vibrations that we can use to promote greater balance and harmony in just about any situation that life might present to us.

Making Vibrational Essences is a particularly good way of encapsulating natural vibrations into a simple, readily available format. Each essence contains the energetic imprint of a flower, tree, gem, crystal or mineral, chosen for its ability to provide a balancing vibration for a negative emotional imprint or belief pattern, or for its positive resonance with a part of the bodies energetic structure.

Essences promote change and transformation and they are particularly effective at helping to ease us through those challenging ‘opportunity for growth’ moments that seem to be affecting so many people right now.

Help to Stay Balanced in a Changing World

The cosmos is currently configured in such a way that it is providing us with a momentous opportunity for transforming and expanding our consciousness. As we go through the transitional period from one state of consciousness to another we are gradually releasing everything that is based on old polarity based thinking, while remembering how to operate in fifth dimensional unity consciousness. In practice this means that many people are now experiencing an accelerated process of change at an inner level, causing old memories, emotions, issues, patterns and beliefs to come into awareness to be reviewed and released. You could look at this as a process of releasing old ‘stories’ that we have developed about ourselves as a result of having had many adventures in the illusion of time and space with limited access to the wisdom of our true self.

Balancing Vibrations

In the current energy flow these old ‘stories’ will unravel very quickly if we can let them go, however when they relate to old issues from the past that we have carefully ring fenced as ‘never want to go there again’ places we can sometimes find ourselves in an uncomfortable state of resistance. Usually there are some uncomfortable emotions associated with issues of this sort as well as the defence patterns that we have developed to protect ourselves. In this situation essences made from the positive balancing vibrations of Mother Nature can be of great assistance to help dissolve the difficult emotional threads that hold our particular storyline in place. For instance, the vibration of fear is an extremely common thread in many people’s stories. Often it is interwoven with other vibrations such as anger, resentment, guilt, despair, judgement or lack of self-value. If we look into the pharmacopeia of Mother Nature, we will find that there are positive balancing vibrations that we can use to dissolve all of these difficult energies as well as many others of a similar nature.

Unpicking the Threads

So, if over the next weeks or months you find yourself struggling to rise above a particularly persistent theme in one of your old stories, take some time to sit quietly with yourself and look at the vibrational threads that hold it together. Be very allowing of anything that presents itself to you because each one of those threads represents an aspect of you that needs recognition and integration. When you have identified as many vibrational threads as you can, look for an essence or combination of essences made from the gifts of Mother Nature that will help to balance and dissolve what you would like to transform. You will find that you very quickly gain a new perspective on the situation that allows you to let go and move on, thanks to the abundant gifts that Mother Nature provides for her children.

Catherine is a vibrational essence practitioner, healer, teacher and workshop leader. Her passion is to provide the knowledge, wisdom and tools that will help others to find harmony, wholeness and spiritual fulfilment in their lives. She offers personal consultations, intuitive guidance, talks and workshops as well as universal Christ blessings from Jeshua. She is an enthusiastic creator of vibrational essences and as a partner in Crystal Herbs for the last twenty years has been responsible for producing a wider range of flower, gem and crystal essences that are now sold around the world.

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