Tired of Running in Circles

Why is it we make the same mistake over and over again?

What are Rites of Passage?

Do you celebrate important stages of your life with a rite of passage?


It can be very difficult to come to terms with losing someone we love

Moving Home with Feng Shui

Use the ancient art of Feng Shui to make your house move go smoothly



The 50th Anniversary of Intolerance

They called 1967 ‘the Summer of Love’. It was the height of the hippy movement, a time of brilliant art, film and music, of...

A Multi-Dimensional Being!

Sounds like something from a Science Fiction series on Netflix, doesn’t it? So, what is a multidimensional being? Well, I am, and more to...

Good-night John-Boy

This phrase, made famous in the 1970s by the very popular American TV series The Waltons, was often used as a light-hearted joke,...

Psychology & Spirituality

An interesting way to examine the relationship between psychology and spirituality