Have Your Emotions Been Splattered?

Are you suffering from negative energy - your own or somebody else's


Certainly more than one Atlantis existed. The heightened state living from unity and oneness, consciousness and six-sense ability beyond our dreams today - mystics, seers and oracles with common abilities and no knowledge of fear.



Maitreya – The Lord of Love

Even as the world endures its present crisis, manifest on so many levels, divine help stands ready to rejoin us and show us the...

The Red Pill or the Blue Pill

As I walk into any restaurant the first thing I do is frantically search the menu, increasingly printed on a wooden block or slab...

Stephen Turoff – Psychic Surgery and the New Science of Healing

Stephen Turoff is a psychic surgeon with a world-wide following and a history of “miraculous” healings as long as an NHS waiting list. All over the planet, people credit him with healing them of serious illnesses: cancers, organ dysfunctions, mental imbalances.

The Nature of Respect

To respect someone is to give them a space to be..