Connection and the Power of Healing

It's hard to describe to someone who is disconnected from powerful it is to feel the presence of spirit...

Dowsing Your Decisions

Adrian Incledon-Webber from Dowsing Spirits talks about New Year resolutions

A Journey at Solstice

I was taught to love the Earth in all her beauty and mystery



The Creation of the 5D New Earth

There comes a time within the great process of Soul evolution within Humanity when one becomes ready for a giant step to raise one’s...

The Root Cause of Environmental Crises

Climate change is a grave threat faced by humankind. Changes in the environment – reportedly largely due to greenhouses gases released into the atmosphere...


21 March - 20 April November looks set to be a month of insight and discovery as you continue to connect to your true sense...

The Power to Pack Up and Let Go

Another Brahma Kumaris article