21 March – 20 April

As you step from one year into the next, from one decade into the next, there is a sense of both relief and excitement in your heart and soul. The relief is a reflection of the many challenges you faced in the past year, and the excitement comes from an inner sense of knowing that the future looks brighter and extremely inviting. Whilst you are very much a present moment kind of person, you are very aware of both the past and the present as they shape and define every move you make. As a result, you are able to gaze ahead towards new horizons without getting lost in them or becoming distracted by what may, or may not happen, rather than on what’s happening now. Of course, the curious side of your nature would like answers to the many questions you have as well as wanting to make sense as to why things are the way they are, but your wiser, more life-scarred self, knows the importance of when to ask questions and when not to!

January looks set to be a month of continuing to expand your consciousness and seek out new goals as you re-shape your ‘to do’ list and re-define your true priorities. Your courage, passion and inspiration are burning brightly, so it’s time to channel this inner fire towards new ventures as you start to see the bigger picture of your life with more vision than ever before. Start the process with a vision quest or taking some time to put pen to paper as to what you truly want from life. You are ready to step beyond the comfort of your everyday world as you embrace your true essence and let it lead the way…

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